2011-07-14 19:41:03 by Enviticus

So check it dawgs. My music Might be coming back and I'm releasing a new albumo. Dedicated to my aunt who unfortunately has breast cancer, anything I sell goes straight to her and my friend Murphy Yang who needs to money dearly. So, if you're interested in purchasing my album GREAT. If not, die >:D JK.

Also, if you provide your e-mail address to when you DO purchase the album, I will send you the album again with lyrics when it happens. So yea... get to buying peoples.

It's Not Over Album


2010-12-20 17:17:47 by Enviticus

Okay, so I got all this stuff on all these websites to boost mah audience. And I can't be fucked caring about it all. BUT! but, you can all go onto my Reverbnation account and listen to my tunes there. Pretty soon I'ma start getting vocals done, THEN! Sales. This is soooo exciting. I'm as giddy as a little school girl :>